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Providing Legal Counsel for Our Clients within New York and New Jersey.


Whether you’re making your first call or are concerned about an upcoming/ongoing investigation, we can help you get a handle on pending charges and work to fight back effectively to resolve your case. With years of experience and time-tested strategies we can tailor to your case, we’ll have your back through the entire process.

State and Federal Criminal Defense • Vehicular Crimes • DUI and DWI • White Collar/Financial Crimes • Rape and Sexual Assault • Violent Crimes • Firearm/Weapon Possession • Drug-related Crimes • Orders of Protection • Parole/Probation Violations • Post-Conviction Relief and Appeals


Client references, referrals, and thank-you notes are the best proof that an attorney has delivered on his promise. In our case, that’s expert knowledge and personal service.

“I had never been arrested before so I knew nothing about what to do next in the process. Met with Mike at his office. He thoroughly explained possible outcomes and what our goal was. In the end, we received the best possible outcome. I’m definitely keeping his number in my contacts.”
— Frank A.

“I am married and the mother of five. One of my teenage kids got into an unfortunate situation. I didn’t know what to do or who to call. I called Mr. Mike Postiglione and he was there 100%. He told me what was going to happen and how it was going to play out. He knew everyone in the courthouse and the case went exactly how he said it would. I highly recommend him and I’m confident that he will handle all cases as honest and professional as mine!”
— Lisa A.

“The utmost professionalism. Mr. Postiglione’s knowledge of the law and a courtroom are second to none! And the respect he showed me during a very difficult time in my life was greatly appreciated. He made me feel that I was more than just another case!!!”
— John B.

Residential Law


Timely assistance: In a criminal case, your first call should always be to your attorney. We provide 24/7 hotline availability, so you can be sure the first vital “24 hours from arrest” time period is being used wisely.

We help protect your rights. From inconsistencies in a prosecutor’s case to discovering evidence in your favor, our goal is to get your charges dismissed or reduced and ensure that your reputation is preserved in the process.

Our holistic approach to defense includes all factors, including possible bias against you, the limitations of your liability, or mitigating factors in your case.

What We Offer

  • Free consultation
  • Clear, straightforward explanations of the charges brought against you
  • A full overview of all of the issues that may arise as a result
  • A truthful, no-holds-barred analysis of your case—good, bad, and everything in between—so you’ll hear what you need to hear, not just what you wish to hear
  • Expert advice (based on long experience) on what your options are, what your rights are, and what steps can be taken in your defense
  • Close communication and updates throughout the case
  • Concierge-level attention
  • On-site visits as necessary